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C-Print Captioning

C-Print Captioning, also known as text interpreting, was developed at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf,
a college of the Rochester Technical Institute in Rochester, New York.  It was developed as a communication
access service option for Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals who prefer printed text interpreting.

C-Print was developed at first for use in the educational environment, but has since found its way into the
community as a way to bridge the communication gap between service providers, businesses, and Deaf and Hard
of Hearing.

C-Print utilizes an abbreviation software that allows developed at NTID that allows the Captionist to type the
spoken word into the system to then be displayed almost simultaneously on the client display.

On site C-Print Captioning can be displayed on a single laptop computer that the Captionist is typing on or
transmitted to a second laptop for the consumer to view.  For three of more consumers, the text can be displayed
on a television monitor or for a larger crowd, on a projection screen.

Remote C-Print Captioning

Remote C-Print Captioning can be displayed right in your office or classroom on your own computer via the
Internet.  To learn more about the service, please contact the Communication Service Coordinator, 937-242-6047.

Interpreters of the Deaf, LLC employs Captionists who are trained through RIT and adhere to a professional Code
of Ethics and have been HIPAA trained.
To request on-site or remote C-Print Captioning service, go to Request page or call