As a Deaf-Owned Business...

Interpreters of the Deaf, LLC is uniquely qualified to understand the specific needs of the Deaf Community, which allows us to appropriately match interpreters and C-Print captionists to individual Deaf and Hard of Hearing consumers.

We provide consultation and workshops designed to offer the opportunity to learn more about Deaf Culture. We also do Educational Interpreter Evaluations and American Sign Language Mentoring.

Sign Language Interpreting

The role of the sign language interpreter is to facilitate communication between Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals who use American Sign Language (ASL), and hearing individuals who use English.

Qualified interpreters are not only fluent in both ASL and English, but they have been formally trained and have a minimum of an Associate’s Degree.

Included in our pool of interpreters are individuals with nationally-recognized certification, advanced degrees, and multiple years of experience.

All of our interpreters are HIPAA and FERPA trained, and follow the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf Professional Code of Conduct.

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C-Print Captioning

C-Print captioning is a rapidly-growing communication option that utilizes computers and a specialized abbreviation software that was developed by the National Technical Institute of the Deaf, in Rochester, NY.

The C-Print captionist transcribes spoken information on to a laptop computer that is linked to a second laptop or (other display device). The text appears on the consumer’s display almost simultaneously.

This real-time access to spoken information allows Deaf/HoH individuals to participate fully in a variety of settings.

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Deaf Culture

We also offer Deaf Culture workshops at no charge for our customers.

These trainings include:

  • What is Deaf Culture?
  • What is the meaning of deaf versus hard of hearing?
  • How is American Sign Language different for English?
  • How to work with an interpreter?

We provide interpreting and C-Print services for all settings including:

Medical Offices

Business Meetings
Dental Offices


Financial Institutions
Job Interviews

Social Service
Nursing Homes
Public Events

Vocational Training
Government Agencies

Interpreting and C-Print captioning services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We provide service throughout the state of Ohio and nationwide through remote access.