Did you know there are laws that require equal communication access and you may be responsible as a business for providing sign language interpreting or C-print captioning for your Deaf and Hard of Hearing customers?

One resource is to contact the Department of Justice Americans with Disabilities Act, www.ADA.gov C-Print Captioning is a proven communication option that utilizes a specialized abbreviation software that was developed by the National Technical Institute of the Deaf in Rochester, New York. The C-Print Captionist transcribes spoken information onto a laptop computer.

The consumer can view the text almost simultaneously on the screen of a secondary device. This real-time access to spoken information allows the Deaf or Hard of Hearing individual to participate fully in a variety of settings. C-Print Captioning has traditionally been used in educational settings such as college classrooms and lecture halls.

It is also a very powerful communication tool in other settings such as counseling sessions, job interviews, medical and dental offices, business meetings, etc. Our C-Print Captionists are professionally trained through National Technical Institute of the Deaf. They are HIPAA and FERPA compliant and follow a Professional Code of Conduct.